Elegant Entrance Ways

Elegant Entranceways:

Your front door is the way your home introduces itself to the outside world. The most prominent architectural feature on the face of the house, it helps provide a preview of the hospitality, comfort and friendship that resides within. Consequently, it deserves a good deal more thought and attention than it often gets. To settle for something generic is to miss an opportunity to make a good and lasting first impression to those who enter your home. Don’t expect your door to carry itself. Instead, think in terms of a “front entrance way” which includes a collection of elements that work in concert with the door.


A sidelight is a tall, narrow window next to the front door. The effect is to make the doorway appear wider, more substantial and more important looking. Sidelights can be combined with a solid wood or a door that also has glass in it. Besides boosting the status of the door, they allow more daylight to enter.


A transom is a window above the door. While sidelights broaden the look of the doorway, a transom provides more height and stature. Elliptical or arched transoms with SGO Designer, beveled or etched glass create a truly expansive looking entrance way which will also allow the light to come into your home.

Solid Hardwoods:

Natural stained woods create a rich, warm feeling and help an entry relate to the outdoor environment while distinguishing itself as an area of transition between indoors and out. Artistic Glass & Doors offers solid hardwood oak and mahogany entrance ways that may be painted or stained in an infinite number of colors.

Decorative Glass:

Nothing is more beautiful than the prisms created inside your home with the addition of beveled glass added in your door, sidelights or transom. If privacy is an issue you can choose colored, frosted or textured glass to create an interesting design.