Designer Glass

Residential Commercial Places of Worship

SGO Designer Glass:

Using a unique overlay process to bond color, bevels and lead to glass, SGO brings warmth and beauty into your home. Installed directly over your existing windows, SGO Designer Glass actually adds additional insulation keeping moisture out and temperature controlled air in. In addition, SGO absorbs over 85% of the damaging UV sun rays to add further protection to your home, church or business.

Etched and Carved Glass:

Artistic Glass & Doors offers a full array of etched and carved glass designs. Dedicated to customer service, we offer flexibility and pride ourselves on the high standards of our workmanship and products.

Features and Benefits:

Virtually maintenance free, our designer glass products are a great alternative to other traditional window coverings, providing privacy while at the same time letting the light shine in. And because there is no need for additional construction, SGO is the ultimate affordable creative solution for all your decorative glass projects.



Windows, Door Inserts, Sidelights, Kitchen Cabinets, Shower Enclosures, Bathroom Windows, Mirrors


Unusually Shaped Openings, Ceilings & Skylights, Booth Dividers, Signage and Logos, Decorative Glass Walls